Monday, December 18, 2017

Configure Roles and Permissions for Episerver ServiceAPI

Episerver has a nice ServiceAPI package that grants you access to some CMS and Commerce functionality using a RESTful approach. It installs via Nuget, and is a pretty painless process... when you have all the information in front of you. After a few hang ups and "gotcha" moments, I eventually got it configured. However, the documentation from Episerver could benefit from a few fillings, and I finally found someone who took care of that for me.

I was ready to write my own blog post to outline my process of realizing the issues I faced and what needed to be done to correct them, and then I clicked one more link. Turns out, someone already wrote up everything better than I do, much sooner than I did, and with some nice sample classes that take care of what I want.

If you're setting up Episerver Service API, first, follow their instructions at, but then, head right over to Maris' blog and read up on "Configuring read-only access to the Service API with ASP.NET Identitiy". While you're there, pick up his samples for testing as well. I was in the middle of putting my own together when I clicked his link. That was much faster.

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  1. Daved,
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