"Think outside the box" is a common idiom I hear thrown around quite a bit in my profession. It really started to bother me enough that I decided to look into it a bit, deeper than the "creative thinking" definition it's been used for. In my search, I found an article about understanding the box instead of just thinking outside of it. That seemed to stick for me.

"Russian-Matroshka2". Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
See that face in the center?
The "box" metaphor has always struck me to be more like a batch of Matryoshka dolls, or origami nesting boxes - only in reverse. Every time you get "outside the box" you discover that you're inside another one, just a little bit bigger. You're the tiny little doll in the center of all the others.

So, instead of always trying to "think outside the box" I decided to make the best of the box that I am in. I had a blast doing that with refrigerator and oven-range boxes as a kid. And you know what? I had the best damn Whirlpool Oven-Range drive-through restaurant in my neighborhood! So why must it be different now? Put the lid back on and let me explore.

Photo by Katie Hosmer -
Or the 80's style boombox.

I am a software developer, and in my world the box sometimes grows a bit more complicated, but that makes it a bit more exciting. So this blog is my opportunity to share some knowledge with others to help them see the drive-through restaurant hiding in the oven-range box they were just handed.

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