Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Solving Glyphicon Support In IE7

Yes, I am talking about IE7 support. If you don't care about half of the how and why, you can just scroll down to my solution. If you care a little bit more about why I came up with this solution, read on.

The Backstory

Bootstrap has become a staple to websites like salt and pepper have to a dining room table and while most of the world developers have moved on to Bootstrap 3, my current project is reveling in Bootstrap 2.3. To some this may seem like a travesty, but I have good reasons for it, the most prominent being required IE7 support, and that is where the reasoning ends in this post.

Actually, if I really think about it, this blog deals less with me being on Bootstrap 2.3 for this application, and more with the Glyphicons used in Bootstrap 3. Why? Well, I had a need for Glyphicons from BS 3 in our BS 2 application so, like any good developer would do, I ported them over. Done. Well, kinda...