Monday, January 25, 2016

All Geek, All the Time: Path Over 2048 Chars Kills Windir Environment Vari...

It's amazing that we are in 2016, have gone through Windows 8, 8.1, are on 10, and support is still active and available for Windows 7, yet we still have issues like this plaguing us. I was going to write a blog about it, but the blog below is EXACTLY how the issue surfaced for me, and is the EXACT solution as well.

To make it easier, I copied the PATH value out and pasted it into Notepad++, did a Find & Replace with "Extended" checked, and split the lines with a Find value ";" and Replace value ";\n". After removing a couple lines, just reverse the Find and Replace values, copy and paste the single line back into your path, and save. I also had to reboot for it to take affect.

Read up on the issue that's still valid in Windows 7 over 4 years later...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sitecore Search - Part 1 - Introduction

Using a search-based approach instead of native APIs is a great way to improve the experience users have with your Sitecore application, for performance and usability, among other reasons. LINQ to Provider is the search API piece of LINQ to Sitecore that allows you to develop search-centered solutions in Sitecore.

LINQ to Provider uses a LINQ query syntax to abstract your code, and focus, from the provider specific query parser. As a developer, this means flexibility and efficiency, since you can write some search code for a Lucene based search project, and move that code to a SOLR based project with little modification. And you don’t have to construct provider specific queries yourself.