Thursday, June 4, 2015

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Every now and then I decide to goof off while working. It's not the kind of goofing off where I play put-put or Call of Duty while on phone calls, but the kind where I might be doing a screen share with a colleague and, knowing that they aren't paying attention, I decide to start writing something curious. This time, I decided to start with something that could be suggestive or provocative at first glance, and end with a total nerd-out. Keep in mind, I wrote this in maybe 5 minutes, so it's not incredible, but I thought it was fun enough.

And since this is my blog, I decided to share that blurb with the world that stumbles upon it.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Just like so many other stories start off, this, too, was a dark and stormy night. The fire was crackling as the rain rattled off the tin roof of the cabin. He stood in the archway of the kitchen, staring at her sitting in front of the fire on the other side of the living room while the sweat slowly dripped from his brow.

"Did we really just pull that off?", he thought to himself. "And she is really still here? After all that work? I have only ever dreamed of days like this."

She stood from her seated position on the rug in front of the fireplace, still relaxing and slowing her breath, and lifted the blanket back over her shoulder with a smirk on her face. It wasn't a mischievous or guilty smirk, but a slightly pleasured one at the thought of disbelief that came over her. "Yes," she said silently, "we really did just make that happen."

As she made her way over to the desk against the wall and took her seat, he too started his walk back to his chair. As their eyes met, a large grin came over his face and he slowly sipped the cup of tea he just poured, all the while keeping his gaze locked in her eyes. This whole day had shown they shared a connection that few can understand, and they knew it at this moment. They had been hard at work for hours, trading positions of dominance before this most recent turn of events.

"Should we continue with round 2?" she asked him, with a slightly cheerful and chipper tone to her voice. "We have so much more to explore with each other, and I think it's time for me to crack the whip." She finished with a suggestive wink that only stirred him to move to his seat faster.

As he sat next to her he responded, "I've got my new mask ready to go and I think I'm as prepared as I can be for this."  He took another sip and placed his cup on the plate at the side of the desk. "Besides," he said, "we only have each other for a limited time and I don't want to waste what we have. For once, we can do this in person and avoid the difficulties of being over the phone."

They both giggled harmoniously at the way that sounded, and they turned away from each other, now, a more serious and determined look coming over both of their faces. She put her hand on his and they moved simultaneously, both grasping at the worn gaming mice in front of them, now resting on their lit Firefly mouse pads.

As he readied his gaming macros, she made one more quip about his QuickFire keyboard not being as large as her fancier, and brighter Razer Blackwidow, "I really hope it's not the size of that thing that matters."

"You would know it's all about how I use it," he playfully sneered back at her. "And from where we are, I would say I use it well."

As they loaded back into Helm's Deep, the fire roared hotter than it had, and the room started warming back up. It was fortunate they were able to move quickly enough before the sky fully opened up with the rain it had been threatening all day. They had been watching it build outside while they sat inside, enthralled in each battle they had been facing for their multi-hour session. But the time had finally come where they had to break from their quests.

Though they worked up a sweat bringing the firewood inside, the ability to keep that old house warm in spite of the cold New England autumn air was a plus. Maybe not as much as a plus-fifty helmet would be going into battle, but enough of a plus that she could forego the blanket she was using to keep her warm. After all, the action she was about to partake in would require both hands at the ready, and she was already wearing her favourite gaming shirt, keeping her plenty comfortable.

They were about to rock Middle Earth.

This battle was the moment they both had been working for all day and they wanted nothing more than to conquer the evil that had plagued Middle Earth. They had tried the long-distance connection for too long, and it was time they were able to put the physical element together. They had conquered so much apart that they were now determined their time together would be wasted if they did not succeed in completing their quests while face-to-face, and hand-in-hand.

Her Lore-Master Elf lead the way, with grace and beauty, skilfully alert and aware of the surroundings about, her bow in hand ready to attack with swiftness when danger appeared. His short, but strong-willed and determined Champion Dwarf followed with his axe raised, knowing full well he would defend her to the end, as his job was to deflect the danger while she destroyed the enemy. Their plan had worked well thus far, but they were about to face their greatest challenges together, and without Gandalf this time.

He finally had his number-one by his side, and she had him by hers. Together they felt like one, bound together by chains. Together they felt invincible.

"Ready for the thrill of a lifetime?", she asked as she turned to him. "This is going to be epic."
"I'm tired of the suspense and foreplay.", he replied. "Let's penetrate their defences. Saruman needs to meet his end."

Side by side, they charged into battle, joining forces with some allies on the field while simultaneously shouting, "In Gandalf's honor!" into their headsets.

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